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Clear Skin Awaits: ACNE Treatment in Kuala Lumpur

Acne isn't just a teenage problem, it's a common issue for adults too, especially acne related to hormonal imbalance. These pesky pimples can pop up on your face, cheeks, forehead, neck, chest, back (bacne), shoulders, and legs.

The right treatment depends on how severe your acne is. Over-the-counter creams might not cut it for moderate to severe cases. Talk to us at Klinik Dr Diana about medical-grade acne treatments for clearer skin.

For most of our clients, acne is not just a matter of looking more beautiful, but acne-prone skin greatly affects mental health.

  • - Lack of self-confidence
  • - Anger and stress due to unsuccessful treatment
  • - Cursed and bullied by friends
  • - Anxiety and depression 

And what's even sadder is that after trying various skincare products, acne still hasn't improved it has gotten worse!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Personalized Care for Acne: Klinik Dr. Diana's Approach

At Klinik Dr Diana, we specialize in treating common skin issues like pigmentation, acne, and acne scars. Our focus is on providing safe and effective treatments, with over 90% of our services dedicated to these concerns. With a team of experienced doctors and a range of advanced medical lasers and devices, we can tailor treatments to your specific needs. With over 30 years of medical experience, we offer customized treatments that not only target acne but also improve your skin's overall health.

How Does Acne Occur?

Acne 1

Excess Oil Production Due to Hormones

Hormonal changes lead to overactive oil glands, resulting in excess oil on the skin, making it greasy.

Acne 2

Sebum Build-Up

Blocked pores prevent oil from being released, causing it to accumulate within the pore. This trapped oil provides a food source for P.acnes bacteria, which can lead to acne.

Acne 3

Increased C.acnes Bacteria

An increase in P.acnes bacteria triggers an immune response, leading to inflammation. White blood cells are sent to combat the bacteria, and as they die off, they accumulate

ACne 4

Inflammation and Redness

The increased bacteria and immune response lead to inflammation, causing redness on the skin's surface

Why Do We Treat Acne?

1) Early treatment can reduce the complications of acne infection from spreading.

2) Prevents the formation of scars, deep acne' / 'cystic acne', which is much more difficult to treat.

3) Improve your emotional well-being.

4) Gain self-confidence.

5) Treating acne early and controlling it can prevent future acne.

Personalized Medical-Grade Acne Treatment Plan
We treat acne individually, based on skin problems and assessment. Among the treatments:

  1. 1) Chemical Peel

'Chemical peel' is performed on the skin to peel off dead skin. This method is the best way to remove blackheads and whiteheads, as well as reduce dead skin cells that cause clogged pores. At Klinik Dr Diana, we provide various types of 'Chemical peel' according to the suitability of the patient's skin type. Our doctors will examine your skin before treatment.

  1. 2) Medicated Cream / Lotion.

Prescription drugs are used to control oil production, and the amount of bacteria, and help in the treatment of acne and blackheads. Active ingredients such as AHA / BHA and Vitamin A are very useful in treating acne.

  1. 3) Oral medication

Oral antibiotics, for example, are one of the treatment methods for acne. The use of these medications is by doctor's prescription, after examining the patient's acne.

  1. 4) Laser

Laser therapy is beneficial in treating various types of acne, including controlling blackheads, whiteheads, papular and pustular acne, and hormonal acne. Laser photoacoustic action kills acne bacteria. Laser treatments can also reduce oil production and pore size.

  1. 5) Extraction and "Acne Injection"

Acne is a recurring condition. Extraction and injection of medication stop inflammation, allow proper healing and reduce scars.

  1. 6) Medical-grade skin care for home care.
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"Reveal Your Best Skin: Experience Klinik Dr Diana's Acne Treatment Excellence!"

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Transform Your Skin with Klinik Dr. Diana's Advanced Acne Treatment! Say goodbye to stubborn acne and hello to clear, radiant skin.

Book your consultation today and take the first step towards a confident, blemish-free complexion!

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