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Imagine having vibrant, radiant skin without the inconvenience of traditional peels. Enter the PRX-T33 biorevitalization peel, SKIN LIFTING TREATMENT , your key to a skin-rejuvenating experience unlike any other.

The Power Behind PRX-T33

This isn't just any peel - it's a superhero blend! With 33% TCA, Kojic acid, and hydrogen peroxide, PRX-T33 isn't just effective; it's a game-changer. Tested rigorously over years, this peel offers remarkable results without the typical aftermath of traditional peels.

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Transformative Benefits Await You

- **Illuminate Your Skin**: Say hello to a natural glow that speaks volumes.

- **Refine Your Pores**: Bid farewell to enlarged pores; it's time for a refined look.

- **Replenish and Plump**: Experience a revitalized, smoother skin texture.

- **Address Scars**: Whether acne scars or stretch marks, watch them fade away.

- **Hydration at Its Best**: Keep your skin refreshed and deeply hydrated.

- **Hand Love**: Yes, your hands deserve some love too!

The Peel Process Made Simple

A quick, gentle skin cleansing followed by the soothing massage of PRX-T33 - that's the magic. Each session is a mere 30 minutes, offering you a hassle-free experience.

Why Choose PRX-T33?

It's more than just a peel; it's a revolution:

- **No Downtime**: No need to vanish while your skin recovers.

- **Bye-bye Dark Spots**: Unlike some peels, this one won't cause pesky spots.

- **Universally Safe**: Perfect for every skin type, even the darker tones.

- **Pre-Summer Ready**: Enjoy without worrying about the sun.

Your Skin's Journey

Your skin transformation might require a few sessions - your personalized roadmap to radiant skin. Plus, there's specialized skincare guidance before and after each session for that extra glow.

prx t33

Important Reminders

- *Sensitive Skin*: If your skin gets easily irritated, you need to prime your skin, (talk to our doctor)

- *Moms-to-be*: For now, hold off if you're expecting or breastfeeding.

- *Allergies Alert*: If Kojic acid , consider alternatives.

Embrace Radiance, Effortlessly

Dreaming of that enviable glow? PRX-T33 could be the secret elixir your skin craves. But, as with any journey, consulting an expert ensures the perfect fit for your unique skin story.

Elevate Your Skin's Radiance Today!

Ready to embark on a journey to radiant skin? Discover the transformative power of the PRX Lifting Treatment ? Book your session now and unveil a more vibrant, youthful you!

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Experience the difference this revolutionary peel can make. Embrace confidence in your skin like never before.

Can't wait to start your skin's glow-up journey? Contact us for more information or to schedule your appointment today!

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Join countless others who have experienced the rejuvenating magic of PRX-T33. Take the first step towards your glowing skin now!


1) What can PRX-T33 treatment help with?

PRX-T33 treatment is effective for various skin issues like:

- Signs of aging due to time and sun exposure

- Loose and saggy skin

- Different types of wrinkles

- Skin affected by smoking

- Oily skin with enlarged pores

- Scars caused by tissue loss

- Skin with excessive keratin buildup

- Uneven skin pigmentation

2)How many sessions of PRX-T33 are recommended?

For the best outcome, we suggest undergoing 3 to 5 peels. You can opt for a single treatment or commit to a full course of PRX-T33®. To maintain results, repeating the PRX-T33® course every six months is advisable.

3)What is the cost of PRX-T33 treatment?

At Clinic Dr Diana, we offer competitive prices. We provide a detailed quote after your initial consultation.

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