Proudly restoring the confidence and hair of people across the globe.Proudly restoring the confidence and hair of people across the globe. (1)

What is Theradome Laser ?

The Theradome Laser is a treatment for hair loss that has been approved by the FDA. It uses low-level laser therapy to help both men and women with their hair growth. This treatment can slow down or stop hair loss, make existing hair thicker, and even help new hair to grow.

The Theradome Laser  combines science, technology, and medicine to provide a solution for hair loss. Unlike other devices that use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) where you can find elsewhere, the Theradome uses cool laser phototherapy for the best results. The lasers used in the helmet have a high energy density, which can stimulate hair follicles deep within the scalp. This is something that LEDs cannot do. Theradome-2

How Does Theradome Laser Work?

Theradome is designed to improve the health of two important parts of the hair follicle: the bulge and the papilla. The bulge has stem cells that help the hair follicle produce new cells, while the papilla contains blood vessels that supply nutrients for hair growth. By restoring the health of these parts, hair growth can be promoted.

Theradome works in three steps:

  1. Minimize hair loss
  2. Reverse miniaturization for thicker, fuller hair
  3. Renew hair growth

Theradome uses a 680-nanometer wavelength that provides the strongest dose for deep penetration into the hair follicles. It is recommended by over 6500 hair restoration clinics worldwide because of its clinical strength, effective delivery of the treatment, and user-friendly features such as hands-free treatment and an audio treatment counter. Proudly restoring the confidence and hair of people across the globe. (3)

Benefit Of Theradome

It has shown the ability to :

1) reduce hair loss by increasing blood flow to the scalp

2) reducing scalp inflammation.

3) stimulating cell metabolism.

These effects restore the body's natural healing process, promoting hair follicle nourishment and hair growth. Results may vary depending on the severity of hair loss, individual responsiveness, genetics, and underlying medical conditions.

Through multiple clinical trials,Theradome laser has been proven to:

- Reduce or prevent hair loss

- Transform vellus hair into healthy terminal hair

- Increase hair thickness

- Stimulate new hair growth

Overall, Theradome laser can contribute to achieving a fuller, thicker, and healthier head of hair.

Proudly restoring the confidence and hair of people across the globe. (4)

Who can benefit from Theradome?

Theradome laser is designed to be effective for various stages of hair loss, but starting the treatment earlier tends to yield better results. There are different scales available to determine the stage of hair loss, so consulting with our doctor is crucial for optimal outcomes.

It is not advisable to use the Theradome helmet during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, unless approved by your doctor.

Theradome Hair Growth 


What To Expect?

Based on a clinical trial, 98% of users experienced one or more of the following results:

1) Reversal of hair loss

2) New hair growth

3) Doubling in size of existing hair follicles

4) Ultimately, thicker and more luxurious hair.

The speed of results varies for each individual, but based on the recommended usage of twice a week for 20 minutes each time, the expected timeframe is as follows:

- First 4-18 weeks: Minimizing hair loss

- 18-26 weeks: Reversing hair thinning and experiencing thicker, fuller hair

- 26-52 weeks: Growth of new and healthy hair

- Beyond 52 weeks: Maintaining healthy new hair growth.

Im interested, where can i get this treatment ?

While Theradome is a proven reliable laser device, but it's important to note that it is not a quick fix. 
We strongly advise scheduling a consultation with our doctor for a proper assessment of your condition.

You may come to any of our clinics in Seremban or  contact us for further information:

Whatsapp: http://wasap.my/60182683774
Call: +60182683774

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